Isabella Hewlett

Wer uns schon länger verfolgt, kennt Isabella Hewlett. Nach ihrer Fotostrecke für die erste Ausgabe von Achterbahn, entstand ein Fotobuch über FREUDE. Jetzt dürfen wir euch einige neue Werke von Isabella Hewlett vorstellen. Der Text dazu enstand während des Lockdowns.

“Part outlet, part coping mechanism, part occupational therapy, part habit at this point… The Isolation Creation began as a means of keeping myself busy and challenging myself to try and create new images while we entered lockdown one in 2020.”

“Although frightening and at times terrifying, the first lockdown eased the pressure of comparing myself to those seemingly ever-busy on social media and gave me a freedom to think, breathe and relax, like I had not experienced in years. The following lockdowns were more prominently ruled by stress, never ending fatigue and a growing anger at a world that often seemed doomed. These were emotions and thought patterns I truly struggled with, as I had always considered myself an optimist and a positive person.”

“Where these little projects had kept me busy before, they became a crutch that I heavily leaned on, as an outlet and comfort in equal measures. Some days I will create dark images to process heavy emotions like anger or doubt and some days my work will be bright and colourful, a representation of the dreams I escape to for respite.”

Text: Isabella Hewlett, Elena Struber
Bilder: Isabella Hewlett